Recruit For Us

Recruit For Us

Are you interested in making some extra money while helping people find great jobs?

We have over two hundred awesome partner schools throughout China that are looking for great teachers to fill open positions, and we want your help to find the best teachers out there.

This is easy work that you can do on your own time and use your creativity to find new leads.

We will pay you for each lead that you provide us that signs a contract and begins a teaching job in China. We have essentially an unlimited number of roles that can be filled, and we’re constantly adding new partner schools, so there is a potential to make some serious cash if you’re dedicated and work hard. Here’s the pay rate for our independent recruiters:

$100 each for the first ten teachers
$125 each for teachers #11-15
$150 each for teachers #16-30
$200 each for teachers #31-50
$300 each for all teachers after the 50th one.

The more teachers you provide us, the higher your pay rate for each teacher!

We work with a number of affiliates that run their own blogs and have already earned lots of money  by providing us with teachers. We’re now opening this opportunity up to the general public.

You don’t need a blog to recruit, but bonus points (and easier cash) for you if you already have one. If you like what you’re reading and think you can help us grow, please fill out the form below.

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