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New Life ESL continues to grow daily, working with more than 200 schools in the cities listed above. We’re consistently on the hunt for more trustworthy, reputable schools to match up our qualified applicants with. Does your school have what it takes to be New Life certified? We’re excited to present you and your school with the opportunity to work with us and our talented teachers.

We now offer a generous Partner School Finder fee of $100 per placed teacher at a school you introduce to us! That’s $100 for every teacher we ever place at a school you connect us to. Forever.

How’s it work?

Does your school need a new teacher? Introduce us. We’d love to speak to them.

Do you know a lot of schools in the city you live in? Get us acquainted! We’d love to talk to them too!

Are you well connected in the expat community in your city and looking to make some great part-time cash? Set us up with your friend’s schools and get on your way to creating a network of great teachers and trustworthy schools.

How do you get paid?

Once we form a partnership with a school you introduce to us, we’ll need to begin providing them with applicants. We’ll let you know any time we send an applicant to the school. From there, we’ll let you know once they’re hired. As easy as that. We’ll keep you in the loop on the applicant’s interview process, that way you never miss a beat on possible funds coming your way.

Once we place a teacher at a school you’ve introduced to us we’ll pay you $100. That’s $100 for every teacher we ever place at that school. Forever!!

So what work do I do?

You really won’t be doing any “work”. You’re simply introducing us to a school in hopes of helping us expand. Once we agree to a partnership with the school and contracts are signed, we’ll let you know.

Introduce>Let us do our thing>$$$

Why are you doing this?

Creating a strong expat community in China is what we’re all about. If there’s a way we can help each other grow professionally, personally, and financially, then why not spread the word?

So how do I start?

Please fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch with you quickly to begin the process.

Keep in mind that New Life ESL won’t just partner with any school. Reviewing contracts and school details and speaking with staff and current teachers is a big process. We want our teachers going to trustworthy schools that provide a good salary, proper working Visa, and good benefits. We’ve been teachers in China for years so we can easily tell a good school from a bad one. While we’re eager to grow now, we only want to grow the right way.


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