Get TEFL Online

Get TEFL Online
Here at New Life ESL, we strive to make sure that we provide our teachers with all the tools they need to be successful teaching in China. One of the most important tools for an ESL teacher is a TEFL certificate.

We know that TEFL certification can often be expensive, time consuming, and a major pain to get completed. We think there’s a much better way to offer TEFL certification to all potential ESL teachers out there.

With that in mind, we teamed up with our partners at Norwood English to provide you with online TEFL certification that is affordable, easy to obtain, and can be completed on your own schedule from the comfort of your home. This is the best online TEFL program you’ll find and we’re so happy to make it available to you.

Why You Should Take Our Online TEFL Program:

– It’s the cheapest and easiest way to get a TEFL cert. A 120 Hour cert is only $170!

– You can get certified from the comfort of home at your own pace.

– You will become more confident in your ability to teach ESL by completing the course.

– You will learn the mindset and strategies used to be a successful ESL teacher.

– You will get a physical TEFL cert mailed to you that will help you get ESL teaching jobs.

– You will also get a PDF copy emailed that you can easily use when applying for jobs with us.

– You will have access to a private tutor by email that will help you make sure you get your TEFL.

– You get all materials by email and you can use a Kindle, iPad, etc to study the materials.

– You will get a reference from Norwood English for your resume.

– You will help yourself get better job opportunities with a TEFL certificate.

– You will get a certificate that is recognized worldwide for ESL teachers.

– You can finish as quickly as you like, and most people get the cert in four to five weeks.

Get TEFL Certified:

Online TEFL TESOL Certificate 120 Hour – €160 $170

The New Life ESL/Norwood English Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language is a 120 hour correspondence course for anyone intending to work as an EFL teacher. It is a complete course for those with little or no teaching experience or anyone seeking an introduction to EFL methods. It is ideal preparation for anyone considering the RSA/CTEFLA, the Trinity College Certificate or other full-time TESOL course. The course covers the basics of EFL teaching and, unlike other distance learning courses, offers advice on how to tackle more advanced TEFL qualifications, plus sections on living/working abroad, and finding work.

The course consists of a short introductory unit and four further text units with nine written assignments. The assignments are mostly short essays. Each unit also contains exercises and/or case studies. With each unit you also receive relevant articles and examples of teaching materials. You work at your own pace without time restrictions. Your written work will be returned to you with helpful comments and suggestions. Throughout the course you will have access to a private tutor by e-mail or other arrangements to answer your queries. Help is available for anyone moving on to take a more advanced course. The text units are designed to provide a convenient reference throughout your teaching career. On completion of the course you will receive the certificate and a reference to aid your job search.

The course consists of a short introductory unit plus four longer units. Each unit contains exercises and case studies plus an assignment to be completed and returned to your tutor.


This is a preliminary course. However participants should possess a good level of written English. The standard of written work should be comparable with that on intensive TEFL courses that include teaching practice.


There is no time pressure to complete the course. You work at your own pace in conjunction with your tutor. Most people take four to five weeks to complete the course. Some take over a year. The choice is yours. The course is rated at 120 hours.


On enrollment you will allocated a tutor who will assess your work but also offer you help and encouragement and he or she will answer your questions. Throughout the course you can contact your tutor by e-mail for advice about teaching or employment matters. Support now continues following completion of the course.


Assessment is based on the quality of the written assignments as determined by your tutor. Borderline cases will be passed to another tutor for moderation. Participants are expected to show an understanding of the basic issues covered by the course and an awareness of the problems faced by language learners.

The Certificate

The certificate is awarded on a straightforward pass or fail basis and will be dispatched within ten days of our receiving your final assignment. The Certificate is printed on ‘aged’ gold paper and posted to you at the end of the course in a hard backed A4 envelope along with references and final assessment. Anyone failing to reach the required standard will be offered the opportunity to resubmit assignments at no extra cost. This will only be offered once.


Throughout the course you can contact your tutor by e-mail for advice about teaching or employment matters. Support now continues following completion of the course.


Introductory Unit

– Introduction to TEFL
– Common Terms
– Overview Of Methodologies
– Theories and Approaches
– Qualities of ‘The Good Teacher’

Unit One

– Students: Culture/Motivation/ Learning Difficulties
– Classroom Management
– Adults & Children as Learners
– Planning
– Presentation; Practice; Production.
– Beginning a Lesson: Warm Up Activities
– Beginning a Lesson: Presentation

Unit Two

– Communication: Speaking; Listening; Reading; Writing.
– Language Analysis
– Controlled Practice

Unit Three

– Production
– Teaching Materials
– Using Audio & Video
– Teaching Situations: One Student or Sixty?
– Analyzing A Lesson

Unit Four

– Using What You Know
– Resources
– Finding Work
– Higher Qualifications
– Career Development
– Living & Working Abroad
– Homestays and Self-employment



Grammar For TEFL Teachers Course – €100 $105.85

We all believe that we know our own language but how much do we really understand? Most of us begin to question this knowledge when we begin teaching EFL. The ability to analyse language is an essential skill for every teacher.

Our course is not an abstract grammar course but rather sets out to show how language works with emphasis on what is important to EFL teachers.

The course aims to simplify the language and nobody should be intimidated by it. It is even suitable for non-native speakers. We hope the course will help you to feel at ease with the mechanics of English and equip you to deal with it in the classroom and answer student queries.

After successfully completing the course you will receive a certificate printed on aged paper, a brief assessment of your performance and areas of weakness, and a statement confirming that you have completed the course.

The course covers the important areas of grammar building up your knowledge gradually. We also look at common errors committed by students. In response to several requests there is an overview of the differences between US and British English.

Once you have enrolled you will be issued with a student number and assigned a tutor. Your first course materials will be emailed to you within a few minutes after this and you can commence the course at your own convenience.

Most people take this course through email attachments. However a printed version is available at extra cost.

The Grammar for EFL Teachers Certificate is printed and posted to you at the end of the course in a hard backed A4 envelope along with references and final assessment.

Module One

– Introduction to Grammar
– What is ‘Good English’?
– Parts of Speech
– Simple Sentences: subject and predicate
– Phrases
– Objects
– Verbs: Types and Uses
– Simple sentence analysis

Module Two

– Clauses
– Clause analysis
– Complex, double and multiple sentences
– Sentence analysis
– Glossary of terms
– The tense system: Past and Present

Module Three

– Talking about the future
– Conditionals
– Modal auxiliary Verbs
– Syntax [word order] – Punctuation
– Quantifiers

Module Four

– Special cases
– Frequency
– Comparison
– Direct and indirect speech
– Common student errors
– British and American English: comparison
– Teaching English grammar



Get TEFL And Grammar Certificate Only €220 $232.89 BEST VALUE!

Questions/Comments/Concerns about the TEFL certification? Email and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

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