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Ever get the feeling your students are bored out of their minds? You’ve introduced 20 new words for the weekend but you’re not sure how to turn those words into sentences without making your kids start daydreaming of what it would be like if they never had English class again.

With kids and adults alike, the best way to keep them engaged during class is through games and speaking exercises.

While written English is obviously an important factor when it comes to mastering the language, the last thing your students want to do is write sentences and new vocabulary words all day during class.

Here are some of our student-approved games that are sure to lift spirits in your classroom and get your students excited to come to school.


Our Trusted ESL Teaching Tools

Are your lessons getting boring or are you running out of ideas? The Internet is full of ESL materials to keep your classes fresh and entertaining!

china-dragonWork, Live, and Travel in China (Book)– This is an extremely helpful resource for anyone preparing to move to China (or someone who already has). It will help minimize culture shock and introduce you to your new home. We love this book and consider it an essential resource for new ESL teachers in China. – This site has awesome material that I use with highschool, university, and adult students. Lots of good speaking exercises here which is great since the goal for these students is to just get them talking. – This is a good site to find ideas for teaching the parts of speech and more advanced grammar. provides an array of high-quality EFL/ESL related services and programs. From teacher-training and development to hands-on CLIL course creation, teaching training aims for the best! – A great site to help make your classes more enjoyable. Also has printable worksheets dealing with grammar, idioms, dialogues, and writing exercises. The dialogues work great for pairing up students or even having students write a similar dialogue. The jokes are great too! – This site is full of ideas for the youngsters. Has printable flashcards and worksheets all separated by the level of the students. Also has a ton of games for your classes and video tutorials to help you teach. Perfect site. – This site is for intermediate to advanced students. It provides hours of printable speaking, reading, listening and writing practices for each news story while keeping your students up to date on current events and business English. – This site is provides hundreds of topics all with recordings in both English and American accents. After your student have listened to the one minute recording, a comprehension quiz is provided to test their listening ability. Perfect for IELTS and TOEFL students. – has gone above and beyond to provide great ESL material ranging from game ideas, comprehension quizzes for all levels, vocabulary lists, business English material and other resources to keep your students excited about English. – Busy teacher is a community of teachers from all over the world who introduce worksheets, games, quizzes, and other ESL practices. What makes this site unique is that each practice is rated by other teachers so you can easily see what works well and what doesn’t. – Rong Chang is an awesome ESL site that will provide you with a lot of additional teaching materials. From fun dialogues to printable worksheets, it’ll definitely make your job easier while making your classes more interesting. –  Get feedback, new teaching ideas, well-planned and innovative classroom ideas from this one-stop site.

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