Recommended China Visa Services

China Visa Services

When I came to China 4 years ago I had a ton of things to do in a short amount of time. From quitting my job, packing my suitcase, saying goodbyes, and all the other little things in between, I’m thankful to have started a company where we make the whole process easier for you.

The nearest Chinese Embassy to Phoenix is located in Los Angeles and I didn’t really have time to do a 7 hour drive to LA and I also didn’t really want to pay for a flight along with hotel and food costs for 3 days. New Life ESL helps you throughout every step of the process of getting over to China but there’s still quite a few things you need to do and we’ll definitely give you help and advice anytime you need it.

I found My China Visa, one of the many China visa services that help you make the  and they definitely helped me save a lot of cash that I didn’t want to spend. There are China Visa Mail services in every country now so we can help you find one when the time comes.

My China Visa got me my Visa in about 4 days and all I needed to do was mail them my passport, China Visa application form, and the invitation letter from my school.They even sent me an email to let me know they received my documents and another email a couple days later to say they got my Visa and would ship everything back to me the following day.

This mail service helped me save a lot of money and time while I got everything else ready for my big move. Feel free to recommend us a Visa service you used in your country and we’ll list them below!

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