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Here at New Life ESL, we’re absolutely committed to making sure that our teachers find awesome jobs at the best schools out there. We’re equally committed to making sure that the partner schools that we work with are always able to fill open positions with the best teachers the world has to offer.

It can be very difficult to obtain qualified teachers and can take a lot of your valuable time trying to market your open positions. You can rest easy by leaving that all up to us and becoming one of our partner schools. Once we become partners, you can simply sit back and wait for us to supply you with a steady stream of great candidates ready to interview and start working at your school.

As you can see from the map below, we work with many great schools all over China and we can definitely help your school out with all your recruiting needs as well.

New Life ESL , 新生活文化交流有限公司是专业提供外籍教师的机构,目前主要为全国各类语言培训机构、学校提供专业的全职外教和兼职外教。在这里我们确保为每一位外教找到在国内顶尖学校的最好的职位,同时为合作的学校和培训机构提供最合适的专业外教。
您是否在为寻找专业的外教或者管理外教而发愁呢?联系 我们吧!把所有的烦恼都留给我们,成为合作学校之一。在这里您将获得最优质的外教资源,并且找到最合适的专业外教。



Here are just a few of the awesome benefits we provide our partner schools:


We are an expat-owned company, so we are in a perfect position to work with Western teachers.
We use world-class marketing and lead generation to obtain a steady stream of new applicants.
We prescreen applicants to make sure that you only receive qualified applicants to interview for .
We prepare our teachers for the interview so they know what you’re looking for and are ready.
We do extensive Skype consultations to make sure the teachers know about the entire process.
We assist teachers with any problems/questions that come up along the way.
We are American expats with over seven years of experience living in China, so we can help sort out any cultural misunderstandings that might come up from time to time.
We assist teachers with lesson planning, getting started learning Chinese, and brief them on Chinese culture so that they are more comfortable with life in China when they arrive.
We make ourselves available via Skype/WeChat for anything teachers need help with.
We will provide you with suggestions and advice on how to better your hiring process.
We think of our teachers like family and they have a strong loyalty to us. This is great for your school, as you’ll have teachers that are very excited to come and work with you!


We follow an extensive process that puts us well ahead of our competition. We are a unique and independent recruiting company that can make sure you meet your recruiting needs in the easiest way possible.


You’ll never have to worry about hiring awful teachers again, or spending far too much money to market your open positions. Just sit back, relax, and let us do the hard work for you.


Please fill out the form below and we’ll get in contact to talk about how we can work together.


• 我们公司创始人是外籍人士,所以能与外教更好的沟通
• 我们运用国际化的营销和销路拓展来获得稳定数量的新外教资源
• 我们预先筛选应聘者,保证为您提供合格的应聘者
• 我们将培训合格的应聘者来符合您的要求
• 我们将与国外教师做大量的交流,告知他们整个过程
• 我们帮外籍教师解决所有的相关事宜
• 我们创始人在中国有7年生活经历的美国人,可以帮助外教随时可能发生的文化冲突问题
• 我们对合作学校的外教有长期跟踪管理和定期的培训,培训内容有:备课,学习中文,接触中国文化等。让每一位外教在中国过舒适的生活
• 我们随时在Skype/微信上为外教提供帮助,保持密切的联络
• 我们将为您提供建议来优化招聘流程
• 我公司在外国人中有很高的知名度,大多数外国人慕名而来,所以外教们很愿意通过我们来到中国



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