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It’s no secret that animals rule, and when we moved abroad, we had no idea the important role they’d play in our future here. Not only in being a best bud, but by keeping us cool when we have those rough days away from home.

So, what could be scary about getting a pet? They’re cute, they keep you active, and they keep you company.


That’s typically what it comes down to for most relationships in life, especially when you’re taking on a whole new country.

But, what if you didn’t have to commit for long? What if you didn’t have to commit at all? What if there was a way for you to help get animals abroad to families that have adopted them? What if you could foster a pet for a short term while they get ready to go abroad to their forever families?

Some passionate folks in Beijing have created a program specializing in just that.

We are so excited to announce and take part in Beijing’s Adoption and Flight Volunteer Program!

Through these two programs, you can help get rescued dogs and cats the love they deserve.


Volunteering to help get an animal safely abroad is one of the most hassle-free ways to give back to our four-legged friends. All you have to do is add Monica, one of New Life’s founders on WeChat, and she will add you in the Flight Volunteer Group.  (QR below),

Next, let the organizers know when you’ll be flying out of Asia. With little to no paperwork, you can bring one animal as cargo on your trip, helping them get safely to their forever fams!

Make no mistake — this is not a free trip abroad. This is you volunteering yourself to help get a pet in need to a place where you’re already going, granted they have a pet that is already adopted in that country.

Here’s an example; If you’re going to France from China, you can join the Flight Volunteer group chat and send out a message saying, “I’m going to France on this date and flying out of this airport. Are there any animals that need a volunteer?” If there’s a pet you can take, you will get contacted and the organizers will cover all costs of the animal and paperwork for you. You’re simply just a name attached to a pet. Easy!


We all know China has plenty of strays. These animals are only looking for one thing: love!

If you plan to stay in China for the long haul, adopting a pet can drastically improve your experience abroad. Countless expats here have welcomed an animal or two into their lives, only to find comfort and enrichment. Ask us how to join the Animal Rescue WeChat group to start looking for your new best friend! Usually, all vaccination costs are covered by funds from private donors.

Can you adopt a pet if you’re not in China? Yes, yes, yes! This falls inline with the flight volunteer program. Once you adopt, someone flying to where you live can bring the dog along once they meet the health and vaccination requirements for that country.

If you’re not in it for the long haul, fostering can be just as fun as adopting. Here’s how it works:


Recently, I fostered a greyhound that will eventually go to her forever family in Germany. The program covers all her costs, unless I volunteered to pay for some of the costs myself. Once she passes the minimum requirements to fly to Germany, she’ll then need a flight volunteer, and will go to her new home abroad. Everybody won. I got to look after a super cute greyhound, and she gets the love and shelter she needs while she waits to fly abroad.

If this is something you’re interested in, please download the app WeChat if you haven’t already, scan the QR Code below, and begin changing the lives of animals that have been rescued from some of the most unfair living conditions in the world.


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