aboutAre you bored with life in the West?

Sick of spending another day under the crushing fluorescent lights of the cube farm?

Or perhaps you’re just looking to add a little adventure to your life?

Whatever it is that brought you here, we can help you start the new life you’ve been dreaming of! Teaching English overseas is one of the best ways you can bring incredible change and adventure to your life. It will give you the chance to travel the world while earning a great living, making a difference in people’s lives and making lots of friends from all around the world.



New Life ESL is an independent recruitment agency started by a group of American expats living in Asia. We love living in Asia and decided to start this company as a way to help give others the opportunity to have the life altering experience of living and working overseas.

As an independent agency, we only work with schools that we have personally vetted and who we trust fully to take great care of the teachers that we send to them. We go beyond just helping you find a job – we also help prepare you for your new life in China and the exciting new reality of your life living and working in what will very soon be the world’s largest economy.

We offer our services to you without any charge passed on to you. We earn our money from the schools when we place a teacher with them, so we can offer you these great services without having to ask you for any financial compensation. We guarantee that we will never try to pressure a potential teacher into a job that’s not a good fit for them. We will stand by your side throughout the entire process of getting you to China – and while you’re there. That’s one of many practices that makes us different from most recruiting companies.

As a company run by travelers, for travelers, we look forward to welcoming you to China.

Please allow us to introduce ourselves:

derrickDerrick Yazwa
Email: Derrick@NewLifeESL.com

1) Why did you leave your home country?

I spent over a decade working in the IT industry for two of the largest and most successful IT companies in the world. Everything seemed to be going great, but something was missing. I was growing increasingly disillusioned with life in the West and corporate America in particular. A few years back I decided to spend a month in Thailand. From the moment I landed, I knew my life would never be the same. I decided during that trip that I would move to Asia and I have never looked back since.

2) Why do you like your New Life in Asia?

I live a life of constant excitement and adventure. Even going down to the local corner store can be a crazy experience when you’re in a new culture and land that you know little about. I have gotten the opportunity to learn a new language, a new culture, and have made friends from all around the world. It is also so cheap and easy to travel around Asia that I rarely go more than a few months without seeing a new country!

3) What are the benefits of living in Asia?

The cost of living and what you get for your money is incredible. The cultures are thousands of years old and there is endless exploring and learning to be done to understand the culture around you. It is incredibly easy and inexpensive to travel and you will have a group of friends from all over the world that proudly call Asia home.

4) Why you should come to Asia?

You will have the time of your life. Most people can only dream of getting to live and work in a foreign land, but you can make that your reality. When you’re on your deathbed, you’re not going to look back and regret the things you did – you’ll regret the opportunities you had to go on an adventure that you ultimately turned down. Don’t let this be one of them!

aboutbrendanBrendan Gibson
Email: Brendan@NewLifeESL.com

1) Why did you leave your home country?

I was working at a boring job at Bank of America Home Loans with no adventure in sight. I had a friend who was loving China and since I came here a few years before I was really pumped on the idea of having a good salary and low work hours with lots of time off to travel around China or go to other countries in Asia.

2) Why do you like your New Life in Asia?

I have a great life here. I teach maybe 20 hours a week and spend the rest of my time learning Mandarin (which has come a long way in my 2.5 years here) or eating amazing food and spending time with my girlfriend and friends.

3) What are the benefits of living in Asia?

There are so many. I really liked the idea that I grew up in America and gave all that up to dive into a new culture. I learn everyday as I believe life should always be a learning experience.

4) Why you should come to Asia?

The adventure never stops. You’ll have a good job interacting with students and helping people, which is a very rewarding thing to do. You’ll learn a language and culture and have experiences that most could never dream of.


aboutmonicaMonica Weintraub
Email: Monica@NewLifeESL.com

1) Why did you leave your home country?

I was towards the end of an apprenticeship with AmeriCorps and had a lot of opportunities coming my way. They were mostly desk jobs with a decent salary, but I knew I was ready for some adventure. Upon hearing about ESL programs abroad and working at a non-profit organization within the Asian community, it sounded exactly like what my next step should be.

2) Why do you like your New Life in Asia?

Every day is different. I am constantly witnessing things I would have never had the opportunity to see back home. I’ve met amazing people who I will be friends with forever. Once you start traveling and exploring new things, you start to crave it more and more.

3) What are the benefits of living in Asia?

Simply put, this is where it’s at. I have been offered more chances at success and creativity than anywhere I’ve been in the world while living in Asia. I have free time to travel while saving money and having a disposable income.

4) Why you should come to Asia?

You have to just get up and go. Once you get here you will realize how open-hearted the locals are. They are so thankful that you can provide a service like teaching English in a whole new country. They really do understand it can be different to be away from home, and the locals will make you feel like you’ve never left.

Now that you see who you’re working with, are you ready for us to find you a job?

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