If you’re planning on moving over to China and starting a new life teaching English, you’re likely feeling like you’re about to explode from excitement. The idea consumes your every waking thought.

You can almost taste the explosion of flavors from the Chinese food you’ll soon be eating, and can almost see the bright city lights you’ll soon be walking amongst during your Beijing or Shanghai nights.

These feelings are familiar to many an expat that has made the big jump overseas, and I certainly dreamed about my move to Asia every single day before I finally made it over here.

While you’re dreaming of starting that new life in China, it’s easy to forget about the more technical details of what you should get done before you arrive.

It’s too much fun dreaming about all the exciting new experiences you’ll be having and people from all over the world that you’ll be meeting – but it’s important to take some time and make sure you prepare yourself for your new journey teaching English in China.

One of the best things you can do to prepare yourself for teaching in China is to get TEFL certified.

There are many different ways to get certified, but easily the best way to do it is to complete an online TEFL certification program.

Here’s just a few reasons why you should start an online TEFL program immediately!


Gain Confidence In Your Teaching Skills

While teaching English in a foreign country is a lot of fun, it comes along with its own set of unique challenges.

Even if you have taught other subjects before, ESL teaching is a very specific subset of the teaching world.

When you take an online TEFL course, you will learn all the terminology of the ESL world, along with what kind of skills you need to bring to the table to succeed at teaching.

You’ll learn the strategies and methods that lead to being a great ESL teacher and will get to work with experienced teachers that have spent many years in the classroom.

This will give you a level of confidence when you step in the classroom that you simply wouldn’t have had if you didn’t get proper training beforehand. This makes your first ESL teaching job way easier when you start.


Get Qualified For Better Job Opportunities

It’s true that you can get many teaching jobs in China without a TEFL certificate, but many of the best schools will want their teachers to be TEFL certified.

Schools that pay higher than normal salaries tend to be able to do so because they have a certain level of prestige and can afford to charge parents more for their children’s education.

These kinds of schools want the best teachers they can find so that the parents feel they are getting what they pay for. If you are TEFL certified, you will put yourself in the running for better jobs and have the opportunity to make more money than someone who isn’t certified.

While having a TEFL certificate won’t get you a top notch job on its own, it may help make the difference if it’s you competing against another applicant that isn’t certified.


TEFL Certificates Are Recognised Worldwide

A TEFL certificate is recognized internationally and accepted by schools all over the world.

If you decide you want to teach somewhere else after teaching in China, you’ll be able to use this same certificate on your resume to help you get a job in your new location of choice.

Even if you decide to go back to your home country and take a corporate job, the TEFL certificate will look outstanding on your resume.

The world is becoming more and more international and businesses are looking for cultured people that understand how to work with people from all over the place.

This is exactly what the TEFL certificate emphasizes and teaches you how to do!


An Online TEFL Program Is The Cheapest Way To Get Certified

You may have seen advertisements for programs to get your TEFL in a foreign country before.

It sounds exciting and can be a lot of fun, but the costs are absolutely outrageous.

These programs are usually between $2000-5000 for you to get TEFL certified!

Taking an online TEFL course makes way more financial sense, and we’ve worked really hard to make sure that we can offer the best and cheapest online TEFL course around.

Our 120 Hour TEFL course is only $219 total for you to get your certification.

This will save you thousands of dollars that you can use to pay for your flight over to China and enjoy all kinds of fun in the new city you’ll be calling home! Don’t waste that money on overpriced TEFL programs!


Complete The Program At Your Convenience

Possibly the best thing about taking your TEFL online is that you’ll be able to complete the course whenever and wherever you want.

People have busy schedules these days and you’ll likely be running around trying to complete all sorts of errands as you prepare to leave for China.

It can be difficult, or impossible, for you to make it to a scheduled course each day in order to get certified.

With our online program, you can complete the course as quickly or as slowly as you like.

The average student finishes the course in about a month, but that’s totally up to you! There’s no expiration date on the course if you want to take longer to finish it.

In addition, all materials for the course are available to download in various formats, so you won’t even need internet access to study the materials!


Get Access To A Tutor Throughout The Program

The TEFL course can be difficult at times, as the goal is to completely prepare you for life as an ESL teacher.

You might feel stuck from time to time and not know where to go for answers.

Lots of TEFL programs don’t provide much support, they simply test your knowledge and allow you to fail if you don’t get all the answers right on said tests.

On the other hand, the TEFL program that we offer gives you email access to a private tutor throughout the course to make sure that you always feel confident in where you’re at.

You can always get answers to any questions you have and they can help you work on any specific areas that you’re struggling with. They will get back to you in a timely manner and give you detailed responses.

This will help to ensure that you pass the test and feel confident that you’ve learned all the material in the course thoroughly and are ready to get out in the world and totally crush it as an ESL teacher!

You Will Learn How To Plan Lessons

One of the hardest parts of being a new ESL teacher is knowing what to teach when you’re just getting started.

Many teachers feel lost when they first start, and that’s completely understandable for someone that’s never taught ESL before. It may seem easy, but being a good ESL teacher takes the right strategy and planning.

There is an art to lesson planning, and you’ll learn that art when you go through the TEFL program.

You’ll be shown many example lesson plans and be walked through the process of creating your own.

By the time you complete the TEFL program, you’ll feel totally confident in your ability to create lessons that are both fun and packed full of knowledge for your students.


Learn The Differences Between Adult and Child Learners

We recruit for hundreds of schools all throughout China, from private to public, and for jobs teaching students of all ages from very young to old age.

There are some big differences between teaching children and adults and it’s very important for a teacher to know what to focus on with whatever age group they’re teaching.

You will learn the ways to keep various age groups focused and interested in their studies, including the strategies that work best for helping each age group of students retain the most information.

This is something that may seem easy on the surface, but it becomes much more difficult when you’ve got a room of forty kindergarteners starting up at you while you stand in the front of your classroom!


Learn What To Expect Living And Working Overseas

Another thing that our TEFL program will teach you about is what to expect as you start your working life overseas. You’re going to have more fun than you could possibly imagine, but being an expat comes with its own unique set of challenges that you’ll likely have to deal with.

If you have a healthy outlook on being an expat and are familiar with the challenges you’re likely to face, you’ll be much more prepared if you run into any issues overseas. 

There is a whole section of our online TEFL course that’s all about adjusting to living in another culture, making new friends, being respectful of local customs, getting started learning the language, and many other helpful lessons that will set you up to succeed in China!


Learn How To Wow Your Students

Do you remember the first teacher that really left an impression on you?

I’m sure you can think back to them now and still remember what clothes they’d wear to work and what color car they drove – while you’ve likely forgotten everything about all your other teachers.

A great teacher like that is so valuable to the development of children as they grow up, and you have the chance to be that great teacher to many students when you arrive in China to start your new job.

Going through the TEFL certification program will give you all the skills you need to wow your students.

Remember, you might be the first foreigner they’ve ever met! You have the chance to make an impact that will last forever with these students. So get out there and be the best damn teacher that you can be!


Ready To Get Started?

So now that you know how awesome getting a TEFL is, sign up today and get started changing your life for the better! Got any questions or comments about the program? Let us know in the comments!

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