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Teach English In China

Ready to make the jump overseas and have an experience that will change your life forever? We are here to place you in one of China’s best schools hand selected by our team of former teachers. Great salaries and benefits, fun work environments, and the chance to make a real difference in the lives of your students. It’s time to live your dream.

Teach English Online

Make a great living from the comfort of your home (wherever that might be today) teaching English to Chinese students online. Earn $17-28 an hour and work from anywhere you have a solid internet connection. You can work a minimum of five hours a week, so even if you’ve already got a full time job, you can still make some awesome extra money with us.

Free Expert Support

Making the decision to move overseas and teach is a big leap and you’ll have many questions along the way. The New Life ESL team is made up of former teachers that have been living in Asia for many years. We’re here to help you out with the whole process of getting a job and getting out to China. We provide expert guidance at no cost to you.

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The World’s Best TEFL Jobs. Handpicked For You.

We know that finding a good job teaching overseas can be difficult. There’s mountains of conflicting advice online and it’s tough to be certain that you’re getting the right information and even harder to make sure you find the right school to work at. Take the stress out of the process and let us find you a job at one of our incredible partner schools. We personally vet every school that we work with to make sure that our teachers are incredibly well taken care of and have an amazing time living in China.

The Perfect Job Is Waiting For You

300+ Schools In Over 100 Different Cities In China

We’ve got something for everyone. Whether you want to work in a public school, private school, international school, or a training center – we’ve got the right fit for you. With wonderful partner schools in over 100 cities around China, we’ve got just the climate and community you’ve been searching for. If you want to stay at home or even travel around the world while teaching, then come and join our amazing online teaching program and get started today.

Teach English In China

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